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Introduction Blog

Pivot Management Group is passionate about business and achieving objectives. We exist to deliver results and help our clients and candidates achieve what they set out to do. We are excited and optimistic about the future and wanted to share a few key learnings from the month of March.

The resources and construction sectors are upbeat about the direction of the market. This has brought about discussion, debate and concern around skills gaps, lack of supply and an increasing demand for qualified and experienced people, that may push wages growth higher then what the general economic data is already indicating for the broader employment base. This will need to be managed from a long term sustainable approach to ensure we do not undo the hard work to improve cost efficiencies and productivity.

The jobless rate has however slightly increased from 5.5% to 5.6%, however, we have seen an increase in labour force participation and jobs growth has improved. Certainly in the mining sector we are seeing many more opportunities in senior level appointments and growth in opportunities such as supervisory positions. This increase is perhaps the flow on effect of growth in wages roles experienced over the last 12 months and we anticipate that this increase in demand will continue to filter through the organisation chart of many organisations.

We enjoy and welcome discussion around the challenges that now lay ahead in a more buoyant market. Our services focus on finding the pivotal people to help our clients succeed and the right companies for our candidates to achieve their aspirations. Together, I’m sure, the next few years are going to be fun, albeit demanding on resources, skills and our ability to navigate the positive challenges an improving economy will deliver.


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