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Pivotal update- April

I would just like to personally thank all of my clients, candidates and colleagues that have supported my new endeavour in establishing Pivot Management Group this year. I have received immense support from everyone which has been very humbling and a great experience for us as a new company. I’m very much looking forward to progressing Pivot further.

April has been another busy month in the mining and infrastructure sectors, even though it was punctuated by public/ school holidays.

On a micro level, we at Pivot are seeing increasing demand for key skill sets (particularly in maintenance and production). This is being driven by a number of factors including tightening candidate availability, increased spending on maintenance and at a macro level (the upcoming trade balance figures should show a surplus) higher commodity prices which continue to paint a solid picture for the mining sector and jobs growth. *SEEK indicated a 35% increase in mining job postings from the same time last year.

What does all this mean for recruitment and our clients and candidates?

We believe that now, more than in the last 5 years, companies need to focus on strong employee engagement and clear strategies on recruitment and retention. Its pivotal that a long term view of developing careers internally and dedicated external candidate pooling and engagement projects are at the forefront of business planning. This will help to ensure their company is represented in the best possible way.

Thanks again for the ongoing support.

We encourage you to visit our website where you can find out more about us, register for jobs or request assistance with your recruitment needs.

Visit our LinkedIn company page and ensure you are following us to get updates, job info and more.

Created to deliver.

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