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Pivotal Update – August 18

I hope everyone has had a strong start to the new financial year and the momentum from the end of the 17/18 year has persisted. Overall, we have seen ongoing growth in key roles across mining and mine site infrastructure related work and a consistent demand for experienced and qualified individuals to help organisations with this increase in activity.

This steady flow is due to a number of projects ramping back up, increased spending in exploration and a number of new projects kicking off. This is evidenced (in part) by recent data that indicates coal mining investment increased some 20% and gold production is at its highest in 20 years (Australian Bureau of Statistics). There are also great signs in WA across iron ore with new projects ramping up and existing sites continuing to look at bolstering numbers as the demand for skills heats up. Higher commodity prices and increases in mining profitability has also generated better indicators around wages growth.

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