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Pivotal Update- June 18

The new financial year has kicked off in demanding fashion, with a number of positive indicators pointing towards a buoyant first quarter of the 18/19 financial year. Seek ads continue to show growth year on year for the June month with Mining & Resources topping the industries again, there were also a number of announcements with new projects such as BHP’s South Flank in WA and expansion projects across the country in a sector which is already starting to heat up. In Queensland we are seeing a consistent flow of requirements in the supervisory, planning and engineering space with a number of mining companies and contractors across operations, maintenance, infrastructure and technical services increasing their demand for key skills. We anticipate the year to continue to gather pace and the need for qualified, experienced and talented people becoming increasingly more difficult to secure.

At Pivot, we believe it is critical that companies are developing clear strategies for recruitment for the future. A company is only ever as good as its people and developing a robust recruitment strategy demonstrates good business management and an understanding of the opportunities that lie ahead.

For more information we encourage you to visit our website where you can find out more about us or request assistance with your recruitment or career needs. Visit our LinkedIn company page and ensure you are following us to get regular updates.

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