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Pivotal update - May

Another month down for the year as we head towards EOFY (already!) and more positive news and activity in the mining and construction sector. Overall the economic updates for the month pointed towards positive yet slow growth in business investment in the non-mining sectors of the economy. However, as can be indicated in the Seek job activity increase (mining and resources 62% year on year April 17-18) coupled with the influx of maintenance, technical, operation and managerial roles we have been seeing, the sector continues to perform well.

The challenges being faced now are finding key talent for current roles and planning for the future as core skills become in higher demand with supply starting to show signs of shortages in some key mining job categories.

We at Pivot are taking a proactive and consultative approach to our clients’ needs now and for the future. Working with them to address key areas within the organisation chart and talent pooling (with the use of some cool new tech) to ensure our clients have the best chance of securing the right candidates when they need them. Equally, we are spending plenty of time with candidates to understand personal drivers, cultural fit and career aspirations to support their development.

For more information we encourage you to visit our website where you can find out more about us or request assistance with your recruitment or career needs. Visit our LinkedIn company page 

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